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AKC West Highland White Terriers

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No Westie Puppies expected at this time

AKC Registered Puppies

All puppies come with: first round vaccines, microchipped, vet checked 2 times, fecal exam, AKC limited or full registration, health guarantee, worked with the Bio Sensor/Super Dog Program, Blood Sugar Scent Discrimination started, a toy, some food to get you started, and a lifetime of support.


Blood Sugar Scent Discrimination Started: We are prepping the puppies to be able to detect Blood Sugar levels in people with Diabetes and Hypoglycemia. This training starts at around 3 days of age because their sense of smell is so strong. Even if a puppy doesn’t go to a working home this still prepares them to be wonderful, well-rounded dogs.



West Highland White Terriers or Westies were developed in the high mountains of west Scotland and claim ancestry to the Scotch Terrier. For a long time, the Westie was interbred with the Cairn, and white ones were simply called Westies, while the colored ones were called Cairns. The Westie is thought to be around 300 years old. West Highland White Terriers were originally bred to hunt vermin, fox and badger, and be distinguished from the prey when hunting. They were bred specifically to be white so the hunter wouldn't accidentally shoot the dog instead of the prey. This was decided by Malcom of Polltalloch, Argyleshire, Scotland when he accidentally shot and killed his favorite dark-colored terrier. The breed may have been started by this person, as this type of dog was kept by Malcom's family since the 18th century.


West Highland White Terriers are game and hardy little terriers, which are easy to train. They are fairly friendly toward strangers and get along well with children. They are lively and extremely self-assured toward other dogs, but will not pick fights with other dogs, if their owners know how to display proper leadership. They may chase a cat for fun, and need to be corrected if they do attempt this. Robust, friendly, cocky and spunky, Westies just love companionship. Despite its size, they make a very good watchdog. These little dogs are easy to travel with. The Westie needs proper training to be taught not to dig and bark as this can be one of their traits. Because of their very strong personality do not allow the Westie to develop Small Dog Syndrome.

Height & Weight:

Height: Dogs 10-12 inches Bitches 9-11 inches
Weight: Dogs 15-22 pounds Bitches 13-16 pounds


These little dogs need a daily walk. Play will take care of a lot of their exercise needs, however, as with all breeds, play will not fulfill their primal instinct to walk. Dogs that do not get to go on daily walks are more likely to display behavior problems. They will also enjoy a good romp in a safe open area off lead, such as a large fenced in yard.


The harsh, straight, short-haired double coat is fairly easy to groom and sheds little to no hair. Simply brush regularly with a stiff bristle brush or slicker brush. Brushing should keep the coat clean, so bathe only when necessary. The whole coat should be trimmed about every four to eight weeks.

Life Expectancy:

About 15 or more years.


Don Juan II AKA "Don Don"


~AKC Don Juan II~
Westie Dog
August 24, 2009
Full Dentition Scissors Bite
Don Don's Sire: AKC TLC McFlurry
Don Don's Dam: AKC TLC Lori

Don Don is a very good daddy

Don Don watching over his babies

Don Don (center)

Don Don's Last Litter


Lady "Annabel" McWright Duchess of Skye

~AKC Lady "Annabel" McWright Duchess of Skye~
Westie Bitch
November 5, 2007
Spayed- Retired
Full Dentition Scissors Bite
Annabel's Sire: AKC Marcia's Roy Rogers
Annabel's Dam: AKC Marcia's Jessamy Ginger






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